Saturday, December 20, 2003

the ragged rugged road

one story swells from a single splendid word that catches my fancy; another evolves from a phrase that sways me as i snap open my coffee-to-go on the early-morning train. still another sidles, fully-formed, through my near-dreams, nudging me awake, sending my sleepy hands reaching for light, and pen and paper.
and: although these bits and pieces veer between lucid and totally disjointed, time - and place - brings them, hesitantly, together.
sculpting and scraping and sanding before keyboard and monitor is the usual procedure, but sometimes, after a busy day in amsterdam, i pause in a favourite café and, surrounded by the sad and the familiar, my pen finds its own relentless way.


  1. In a single splendid word, perfect.

  2. Thank you for this glimpse behind the curtain, Lynn. The strength of the hand is ... informative.
    I frequently learn some about myself from you labours.

  3. And we love you for it Lynn! Thank you for your glorious and beautiful postings. Each one is pure inspiration =)

  4. Pure! Pure as the glass that is standing next to the words.

  5. Thank you for articulating so perfectly what I so often think/feel when I'm writing...if even for the most private audience, me. Loved your snow picture...made me almost miss "real" weather. Thank you for the thoughts and pictures you share with us. Best wishes for a joyous holiday season.