Sunday, March 21, 2004

with the punches

language can be capricious.
this sign, in latei, with the words "meerdere rollen beschikbaar" translates into english as "several rolls available". but in dutch it also means "several rĂ´les available".
and, reading it, i saw - did you ever doubt the power of my imagination? - a stage, vast, velvet draped sumptuous and scarlet. i saw wardrobe girls, nipping, tucking. i smelled greasepaint and roses. i imagined release, the step into another's skin, if only for a glorious moment: playing the diva today, soprano and sultry, and perhaps, bending to mood, the suffering heroine tomorrow.
and so you see.
this could have become a dramatic tale of great thespian accomplishment, of masks and maquillage, of tossed bouquets and curtain calls.
but it has become - because that single circumflexed "o" took sides - a simple story of wallpaper.


  1. No doubt here. I admire your prodigious ability to script such a vivid anecdote from a single image or word.

  2. For those rolls, the wall's the limit.
    For your roles, the sky.

  3. I spent an afternoon in a fabric store recently. For some reason I thought that if you could sew you could make anything for just a couple of bucks. Ha! The fabric I liked was $40 a yard!!

  4. a pretty colourful shopscene
    i hope you haven't chosen something from this box (although nice retro can be very trendy)
    great story again lynn
    (wish i could be someone else too some days)

  5. Wallpaper is bought separately for each wall cover, but in this instance, together they definitely hold their own character and appeal. Great shot. :)

  6. lovely papers. i'd like to use the third one from the bottom for my 'desktop' wallpaper. :-)

  7. for some strange reason the wallpaper reinds me of my moms cooking (old world cabbagge and shmalz!)

  8. fantastic picture and story... multi-use. those patterns are so great too.