Wednesday, March 31, 2004

time is a healer

he is, she realises wryly, rather like a flower: one that believes its brightness to be dependent on the sun, and then sees, surprised in the falling darkness - desolation unfolding into delight - a colour and a beauty all its own.
her secret fears were unfounded.
her glow, it seems, was not reflected glory after all.


  1. I LOVE this picture, Lynn...and the words, as well. Yes, time does heal, doesn't it? That's a line I've reminded myself of many times in the last few days. And not even just about myself...but wishing it for others, as well. Sweet photo of you and your son, too.

  2. what a marvelous extraordinary reflection!
    the words linked with the flowers are wonderful...

  3. Lynn, so powerful having a tremendous synergy between words and image. Your touch has shown the ordinary to be extroidinary. What an inspiration to carry through my day.

  4. Oh, I'm taking this one for myself!! ;) Lovely and inspirational words.
    I'm looking for the Prague photos you mentioned, but not sure which site it is?
    And I still owe you an email...!! :)

  5. second visit lynn
    i couldn't imagine a morning
    as bad as this morning...
    now i visited your place, admired your imagery and words i understand that the 'surface-things' haven't the right to ruin ones' day
    seeya in some days!
    (go for a ride in the snow)

  6. Time heals, but it's the sun that reflects the beauty

  7. The sun reveals what is already there.
    You have a rare gift of your own for illluminating and revealing. And for making me think.
    Thank you.