Tuesday, March 2, 2004

goes without saying

he should know, because he knows her well, that she, receiving no reply, finding no one home, will circle the block endlessly, will ring, will knock, will call upward, again and again, watching the darkened windows for the slightest movement.
he should know, because he knows her well, that she is tender in her tenaciousness.
silence answers no questions.
and she has a patient and persistent soul.


  1. to me it seems like the number of coloured thumbnails is a proof of her frequent knocking at his door...
    she's a tender tenacious soul.
    your rich words are strenghtening each of your images in a most captivating way
    thanks for sharing your photographical thoughts lynn

  2. Lynn - you writing is captivating. Have you ever written short stories or other fiction?

  3. The colors invite the caller to ring the bell; I would hope that he answers the door eventually!

  4. wow. how weirdly interesting.

  5. i love colors. almost look like m&ms... :-)

  6. he may be afraid to answer. A lie would not do.

  7. What worries you, masters you