Saturday, April 16, 2005

and don't call me sugar

life can be complicated sometimes.
and when things turn labyrinthine, as they have now, i bless people like bob, in this
case for his via-via "when you see red, shoot it" quote: it distracted me today, teased me
into my files, took my mind off that call that hasn't come...

...and maybe won't.
there are few certainties in life, but this is one: the tiny flirtatious flutters of scarlet
do make a difference here, four times over.
and this is another: telephones never ring when you most need them to.


  1. I love the red theme. My favorite is the lightbulbs. I don't know why, but I just love colored light bulbs. They remind me of the festiveness of Christmas, but I think people who use these year-round are people I like. They trim their world with a little extra help to make things seem bright. I hope your ringing phone brings nothing but luminosity and joy.

  2. ~red is suc h a moody color, passionate mostly, sinister at times...~

  3. nice series of pics ... very vibrant ... whats with the mannquin head ?

  4. Sometimes the missing of something or someone can turn into a burst of creativity. And you made use of that: a beautiful series!
    (hope your phone rang in the meantime...)

  5. And when they do ring, it is not what or who you wanted it to be. Don't worry about phones not ringing, it doesn't make them ring. Hey, share your number with me, I'll give you a ring :-)