Thursday, April 14, 2005

the cat and the fiddle

"the mere brute pleasure of reading - the sort of pleasure a cow must have in grazing."
- lord chesterfield (british statesman, diplomat and wit, 1694-1773)

a random quotation does me a good-turn-of-the-day:
these images didn't have much in common except that specific shade of teal blue.
and now they do.


  1. nice little shadow of the cow going on there :-P

  2. Love that shade of blue! Nice.

  3. And quirkiness, too! They're a wonderful pairing.

  4. For the English-speaking: 'BOEKEN' means 'books'.
    And on some way your photos remind me of another saying (by Oliver Goldsmith): "Books have their time as well as cucumbers."
    I very much like the tree mirrored in the glass of the second photo.

  5. Mesh, too. There's mesh in the curtain that supports the cow, and above the book sign there's also a mesh feel, if not an actual mesh.
    Challenge us for more similarities, ma'am, and just see what we can construct!

  6. Ha, good old lord Chesterfield. So apart from inventing sofa's he was also quite a wit. Which reminds me, I graze far too little these days...

  7. I like the tree reflection in the window.