Monday, April 11, 2005

fair and tender ladies

the neverending construction work in amsterdam has been known to make me
grumble, here - and to anyone within earshot as i stumble, harried, over yet another hurdle.
above the confusion and the rubble, though - along the rokin, for instance - the gables still soar, stately and serene, gentlewomen with dusty skirts, unperturbed and necessarily patient.
i'll just be patient, too, i suppose.
and i'll just keep glancing cloudward.


  1. ~your endless structure construction rivals the ENDLESS road construction here in Pennsylvania Lynn...too much traffic is the result, and it usually has me looking up as well, but through my moonroof in my car as I sit in traffic watching the construction take its time...~

  2. And did you notice that all those fine gables are leaning forward? It has to do with the possibility to hoist loads along the house to be pulled in to the upper windows. The loads (or pieces of furniture) will hang free and do not damage the lower stories in this way. In Dutch this is called: 'op vlucht gebouwd' (built on 'flight')
    I love these sights too: a fine photo, without indeed the bustle and the cars on the road.

  3. Provides your with great pictures, though.
    You've been very active lately.
    Or I havent?