Wednesday, May 4, 2005

taking five

"twilight drops her curtain down, and pins it with a star."
- lucy maud montgomery (canadian writer, 1874-1942)

dusk settles later and later these days, and i, it seems, have less and less to say....
for now.


  1. Someone who takes great pictures doesn't need to say anything. But then Two Muses is not just about pictures.
    But I don't mind either way.
    I'm a visually oriented person.

  2. Same here (dusk coming about 11p) and I'm not able to sleep.
    Love this shot!

  3. Take a deeeep breath, and enjoy the spring!
    We'll be here...

  4. Ah, but the words you choose to share with us are always so tasty... Love this photo...and the quote!

  5. I can appreciate your wanting to taking a brake. I sometimes feel the same. But know we are enthusiastically awaiting your next entry. :-)

  6. On the moment the curtain was filling my computerscreen I thought for a moment it was a page from a telephone directory. Funny peculiar!

  7. Sometimes is the darkness after dusk that has more stories to tell...

  8. But you say it well, and in over 1000 words (counting the image).