Monday, May 23, 2005

you say, i say

the onset of summer, combined with uncooperative zippers and insubordinate seams, has nudged me into rigourous dietary self-discipline: i am, alas, not one of those fortunate souls who can eat and drink whenever and whatever they want without repercussions.
and because i dither, i decided to combine all the regimes that looked sensible and maintainable, stir in a few wise words from the weight-loss gurus (and an enormous amount of raw tomatoes, which, happily, are one of my favourite foods), season with regular exercise, and lots of rest, and a positive frame of mind, and see how i go.
i'm going fine, just fine. the effort feels minimal, and the results are, at least till now, maximal.
sometimes, i think, it's the timing that's tantamount.
and i don't, of course, have a lot else to do right now.


  1. What about taking beautiful photos, writing beautiful words and publishing?
    That is worthwhile.
    I like a slice of tomato as well.
    Must make some photos. Made hundreds during the w-e. First a wedding, then kids playing badminton.

  2. I think "uncooperative zippers and insubordinate seams" is quite simply the most elegant way I've ever heard that sentiment phrased. Leave it to you, Lynn, to make even dieting seem elegant. :)

  3. This is a beautiful image! ... hey -- there's always time to exercise -- a nice walk around the city - with your camera! That works for me :-)

  4. oodles of tomatos sounds better than being seasick - and I've already put most of the weight I lost back on. I find that as I get this little bit older, I've got to watch what I eat (or just walk and explore more) now too. Although skirts are often very forgiving.