Friday, July 8, 2005

the day after yesterday

"the world is too dangerous for anything but truth and too small for anything but love."
- william sloan coffin

my loved ones in london are allright.
i hope and pray that yours are, too.
sometimes i wonder: did i bear my children into a world of fear and uncertainty? and that mere thought makes me fearful and uncertain.
and sad.


  1. lovely windmill silhouette!
    as for me, i find that the modern world is making me more cynical than fearful, and i'm not sure which is worse. i wasn't always this way! but it's getting harder & harder to be an idealist anymore:(
    all the same, i think the best course of action is to relish every moment:)

  2. What happened is terrible, of course, but terrible things happen all the time. We can only hope that our loved ones arent among the victims, but someone's loved ones always are.
    Love the photo, Lynn, great!

  3. Of course you did. Of course it is.
    But it's so much more than just that: as per your quotation (ever apt, your quotations), the fear and uncertainty are so much less important than the love and beauty and bloody-mindedness which bring us through them.
    Thanks for another slice of beauty today; and for all the days when I just silently appreciate. It all weighs in the balance.

  4. The events of a few moments in London can change life for everyone. Mr Coffin is right - the world is small.
    As with the windmill, repairs to our are world are in order. When we address poverty with love, and commit to equality for all, the danger will dissolve. It isn't easy to do but it isn't complicated to understand either.
    Thanks for yet another beautiful photo; I watch daily for your postings, happy or sad.

  5. Glad to hear you got the 'all-safe' from your loved ones. Beautiful photo. All we can really do is go on with our lives and seek out the truth and beauty in our surroundings...and you never seem to fail to do that. It's inspiring.

  6. What happened in London is terrible, as horrible as violence is, wherever it is, because when an innocent is hit, any innocent, it is the whole world that suffers.
    Yet, there is always hope. The battle against violence and barbarism can be won, even when we seem small against these dark giants of terrors. Like Don Quixote with the windmill in this photo.

  7. Well, yes. But the world has always been full of fear and uncertainty. And during the last 100 years often much more that today. Remember Orson in Charlot & Charlotte? There is so much to be afraid of that you should never be scared.
    And I love the picture, pity about the windmill.

  8. Yes I am afraid this is a world of fear and uncertainty, and it always was. But there is more than that and we have to show and teach our children the better side. And we must keep having children, otherwise we would give up hope.
    Beautiful and sad photo.

  9. Good to hear your loved-ones are okay!
    What happened is incomprehensible � so useless!

  10. After the shock and the fear I am more determind to make at least whatever comes way in this world a cherised memory.
    Lovely picture Lynn :)

  11. Ask those who lived through WWII... or Slavery... or the Invasion of the Mongols... or the Roman Empire... and you might just hear the same thing.
    The world really isn't much worse, just better covered.
    Just love your corner to its fullest.

  12. ~I am glad your friends are alright, as I finally got through on the phone to make sure my good friends, ex-pats in London now, are all safe and sound...troubling indeed that we (continue) to live in a world that presents such fear and uncertainty....disrespect and malice towrds others.~

  13. Gourgeous capture, love the intensity of the tones...