Saturday, February 14, 2004

can't buy me love

no hearts and flowers here today:
this "timely" reminder, spotted last week at the floating flower market, is typical - to my mind - of the way commercialism distorts almost every holiday of the year into something it was never meant to be: an opportunity to make money. and i refuse to co-operate.
the 14th of february was simply another day in late winter when i moved to the netherlands. there is no tradition inspiring specialness, and yet the shops overflow with romantic reds and pinks, and the ploy is fallen for en masse.
i think i'll just keep telling the people in my life that i love them as often as possible. i think i'll just keep giving gifts whenever the notion takes me.
i'm off my high horse.
happy valentine's day anyhow.


  1. I totally agree - Everything is so commercialised these days!

  2. When will we conspire to create a world fueled on love rather than currency. I suspect when enough of us realize the value in a heart felt decision.
    now it's off to pay my bills...
    Happy V-day to all!

  3. hey lynn, i feel with you completely...
    the only valentine thing that gets me warm is 'my funny valentine' played and sung by chet baker... and for the rest just like chet sings... everyday should be valentines' day... (let's try ...)
    I had exactly the same feeling looking at your photograph

  4. Amen!
    Gifts "for no reason" are so much more heartfelt than "scheduled" gifts. We've decided to skip V-Day this year, which is fine by me in lieu of a good past few days. :)

  5. every day should be valentine, every day should be christmas ... and a nice word to each-other is not commercial ;-)