Monday, February 16, 2004

another human being

amsterdam is as much graffiti - from frustrated vandalistic scribbles to true works of art - as it is canals and coffeeshops and cobblestones.
i happened saturday upon a familiar signature, and wondered, as i did a few weeks ago on the rozengracht, about this person with his can of spraypaint: his convictions, his inclinations, his state of mind and soul.
the succinctness made me ache a little, and i resisted the urge to uncap my pen and scrawl a few comforting and optimistic words in anonymous but heartfelt reply.


  1. It is the succinctness, isn't it?
    Remember on your pinboard at work? Did you not have a graffiti from this chap also?

  2. Oh oh - next time in Amsterdam, I'll be hunting to see more of these ... they just make me curious

  3. we almost forget graffiti is made by humans...
    not by extraterestrials without minds
    communication must happen!
    on some days this could have been sprayed by me!

  4. You know, sometimes... these graffitis really made me wonder.. wonder about the message behind them...
    Very.. Very interesting.
    I actually took an Art class with a graffiti artist before... We were all surprised how he expresses his 'idenity' with his graffitis... The color, style and what he draw... all represent certain aspect about him.
    And - the fun part was... for our Final... He created a BIG graffiti in the Art Facility Hall way....

  5. actually I feel more like
    I guess its kinda the same.....
    well ok maybe not

  6. You should have! And if you're against graffiti, you could just tape a piece of paper with the message next to it.

  7. Lynn i love this....
    It would be perfect for this week's theme at
    Graffiti in...