Sunday, February 1, 2004

a pocketful of miracles

during the dutch winter, even a promising new morning can turn on a dime, the horizon suddenly glowering, and all and sundry surreptitiously checking to see whether they've brought their umbrellas after all.
on days like these, i'm grateful for the little ribbons of sunlight that i've gathered here and there, twisted into frivolous bows, and tucked into my pocket to get me through the gray:

*new babies, long awaited, totally cherished: a daughter for jen and mark, a daughter for amy and josh, a niece for gimmy and john..

*renee arrives in amsterdam on thursday, and i have been anticipating her visit for months. her wit and her wisdom touches me, and tickles me. somehow, i don't think we'll find ourselves at a loss for words...

*edwin has burned me a dvd of "charlot and charlotte", which is the very very VERY best tv series i have ever seen. (my favourite film is atom egoyan's "exotica", in case you're wondering...) and hopefully i will take possession of this jewel over a cup of coffee somewhere: utrecht, amsterdam? it would be good to shake his hand and share an hour: his observations and his remarkable photos have been a part of my daily routine for ages...

*february 4th is a special day: more then.

*as far as i know (and hope), a music cd is winging its way hollandward as we speak, from jason, with a selection of numbers he thinks i will like as much as he does. i'm sure i will. and though i miss "in the trenches", his new site has been worth the wait.

*razzi's images, and his words, continue to fill me with amazement. i personally believe that NO-ONE photographs people, life, as he does. his work is full of warmth and humour, and so is he; i am already looking forward to his next visit to amsterdam...

*in the february/march edition of yasse, out tomorrow or the next day, a bit of attention will be paid to these "little stories". and because yasse is a unique and lovely initiative, produced with inspiration and dedication, i am proud to be a small part of it. trish and cory's spectacular hollyburn peak photos will be there too.

i know.
that's a whole lot of blessings.
let it rain.


  1. It looks like the sky's on fire.

  2. Beautiful photo as always. Looks forward to Yasse as I always do to all your photos and little stories. So any chance you'll come to visit the states some time? :)

  3. gogeous sky. and as emese asked, "come to visit the states!'

  4. blushing ;-)
    the color of your week is turning into red!

  5. wow... stunning image. we get skies like this in summer, but not in winter!

  6. beautiful sky... someone above is impressing us!

  7. "That's a whole lot of blessings. Let it rain." :) That sounds like a wonderful end line to a movie, or a book. (One of those beautiful independent movies where you fall in love with the characters - not a big budget Hollywood blockbuster!)
    I can't tell you how flattering it is that someone I look up to and hold in high regard has such compliments for me!
    I think there will be no loss for words, indeed!

  8. Actually, it looks like some thing EVIL is about to happen..

  9. You can't imagine how much I wish that I were the sort of person who could meet you and Edwin, have a cup of coffee...

  10. oooh! I hadn't seen the new issue of yasse yet... wow, it looks fabulous and your little stories are amazing as always!

  11. haha,, well i think it beats snow. especially slush. great photo today!

  12. fantastic light! moments of magic.

  13. so much to read here and so many good news and links, i'm glad at least someone always perseveres! thanks Lynn.