Friday, February 6, 2004

same moon, same stars

for decades, through a lifetime of friendship, they have been mistaken for sisters.
in their young days, approached, asked outright, they would smile mysteriously and tilt toward each other, blushing, coy.
that tentative assumption has become, with the passing of time, their routine and their comfort.
they still lean. they are aged and elegant, white curls frivolous above powdered cheeks, collars and cuffs starched, backs straight and stately. one is slightly better-preserved than the other; neither notices.
they are companions.
they have lived - and loved - their days, and done their fading duty, side by side.


  1. One of the two is grey, while the other seems rather bright!
    Just like with real people...

  2. ooo ... ooo ... doors ... and what elegant ones they be ... and what charming text ... *sigh* oh to be able like thee ...

  3. Your words and images inspire beauty and awe and delight. Belated congratulations on the 1-year mark. Here's to many more...

  4. Just wanted to say... I'm reading from your corner of the world! :)

  5. your combination of images and words is wonderful
    you can make seemly dead things alive!

  6. You are a wordsmith. This post brought a smile to my face and put a bounce in my step. Lynn, thanks for brightening my day, as always.