Sunday, April 4, 2004

too swiftly

i blink. i sigh.
suddenly it is the fourth of the fourth of two-thousand-and-four, and i am startled.
was it not just yesterday that the neighbourhood's children greeted the new year with spirals of sparkling light?
am i the only astonished soul who feels months tumbling by like days, and weeks like hours?
surely not.

*and, speaking of time flying: i have finally gotten round to reading jeffrey eugenides' "middlesex". i very nearly missed amsterdam central station altogether this morning; it had me that enthralled.

*and, speaking of FOUR: renée and alex have been together for that many years yesterday. may joy and inspiration be theirs for many, many more!


  1. Lovey decay. Interesting how the cracks seem to radiate from the 4. Which bell did you push?

  2. Oh that comment made me think about special numbers and now I realize 20/04/2004 is another special one ... I think I'll take a day off :-)

  3. The days do indeed seem to go tumbling by...! Frightful!

  4. You're telling me! The days are flying by. It seems like the wedding is going to hit me in the face at this rate.

  5. i wa saying this exact thing to a friend last night.
    maybe someone sped up the orbits and we havent been told yet.