Sunday, May 23, 2004

decisions, decisions

when sam asked me to contribute a guest-photo to daily dose of imagery (i'm a "local" too, you see, but i've strayed) during his trip home to iran, i was numbed by indecision. i am notoriously uncertain at the best of times, and i made life for my family, and my colleagues, and for rachel, quite tedious indeed: "this one? maybe this one? or, no, no..."
i sent him TWO: the one that's up now, and this one. i saw them both as characteristically amsterdam. the warehouse, modest and stately, soars (this is a TALL building for the city centre), and that rainbow flag says "acceptance" to me; the teabag-on-a-bicycle is whimsical and a bit weird...and two-wheeled, which is also typical in its own way.
sam - i hope his holidays are very happy! - picked.
i am quite simply honoured to be in the company i'm in.

and, over at la*laland: green flowers at the albert cuyp market.


  1. I loved the warehouse shot - with the hoist hook at the top, it screamed Amsterdam. As for bicycles, there's a practical aspect to bikes in the NL which we don't often see here in the US: you use your bikes for transportation as opposed to merely for exercise and recreation, so yours have baskets, clips, and fenders.

  2. I was glad that I could help.

  3. Hi Lynn, thanks for stopping by my new location. I really do love the new design. I'm even thinking about getting domain name for the site. But the most important thing is getting more photos. That's always the challenge. See you around.