Thursday, May 27, 2004

the power of two

they settle, crooked and companionable, into the slope of the dike, unfolding, adjusting, balancing, and watching the endless water.
they have more yesterdays than they have tomorrows.
they have more certainties than they have doubts.
it has been a long, fine journey together, to this small remaining stretch of sea, and
they are determined to enjoy the view.


  1. my parents call this "front row seats".

  2. And what's more, they are completely, utterly right.

  3. This picture reminds me of Paul Simon's "Old Friends," especially the first lines of the song:
    Old friends,
    Old friends
    Sat on their park bench
    Like bookends.
    I really love this picture!!!

  4. Oh, this photo & your words made me so homesick for Alex... and also gave me warm fuzzies thinking about how wonderful it will be once he's here.
    A long, fine journey indeed.

  5. this is a real highlight lynn
    the photograph makes me curious in what's beyond (the sea... i know... because you tell us)
    btw... this words are extremely wonderful
    have a nice long weekend! (i hope you have!!!)

  6. hey lynn
    wonderful post .
    are u interested in participating in a photo project, where you can submit writing based on a photo featured by the site? am lookin' to set it up soon.
    email me if keen. ;)

  7. Aww... makes me think of growing old with someone sitting next to me.

  8. one of my faves! this is such a lovely shot.

  9. they seem to be looking down upon everythng they've done... and the sense of companionshipi is beautiful, particularly since it is taken with such simplicity, only from their backs...