Tuesday, May 25, 2004


dreams are meant to be pursued and realized, and renee is following hers. she is on her way to prague; the long-anticipated adventure has begun.
it was of dreams and adventure and anticipation that we spoke - a few months back, though it seems like yesterday - sitting in café papeneiland until everyone but the accordionist had disappeared into the cold february night.
she's in my thoughts. i wish her - and hers - the best of luck, and as much happiness
as they can possibly embrace.


  1. That photo conveys a very gezellig mood! It reminds me of a cafe I frequented when I spent a semester in Amsterdam.

  2. What an awesome photo. And yeah, Renee sure is living the dream.

  3. Guess who!! I do believe I am in your corner of the world now... :) Reading you site so far from home is a welcome familiarity.
    I hope to see you again soon!!!

  4. atmospheric and beautiful!