Saturday, May 15, 2004

please mr. postman

the dutch are a tolerant people. confront them with all manner of "alternative" behaviour and they will say: "whyever not?"
(i do not always agree with this philosophy, i must confess. i mutter, for instance, on the early-morning train, sleepy, mellow, and seated next to an idiot with his walkman at guaranteed-deafness-level: "whyEVER?")
but do not slide unsolicited advertising into their mailboxes: it is unacceptable, and they will not be pleased.


  1. What I really like about this shot is how it shows the intensity of the homeowner... Aren't there ready-made stickers which many people use? Not good enough here, a statement has to be made.
    I love the whole thing, the stark message against the colorful door...

  2. Hmmm. In the United States, unsolicited advertising, more commonly referred to as, "junk mail", is very widespread. In fact, it's encouraged by the post office because of its profitability from postage sales. Although not a desirable practice among "we the people" it now seems tame due to the more annoying practice of spamming, not to mention unsolisited phone calls.

  3. like this capture. the explicite message in black and white (very straight and cool) against the inviting colourful background.
    i understand your feelings lynn although i think from time to time people have to be 'clear' to avoid any doubts
    thanks for commenting my newlook-blog. have changed the commentsystem, sorry, thaught it was more practical this way...
    seeya paul

  4. it's the colors in your photography that always manage to astound me.

  5. I was thinking about putting more or less the same message on my mailbox. I have a 'polite' sticker on mine, but that doesn't seem to filter everything.
    Anything similar for spammail??? ;-)