Monday, October 25, 2004

a moveable feast

"well", said rachel, as the train trundled homeward (it only topspeeds while it's in france), "any idea what you'll be posting?"
i considered the images i'd gathered over the splendid weekend, and shook my head ruefully.
just as 48 hours is much too short to do justice to a city like paris, a pageful of pictures and words is too confined to communicate the beauty and the brightness that blessed the two brim-full days we spent there.
however would i choose...

between the minor miracle of warm blue skies and cottonball clouds, which allowed us to roam coatless and sun-spectacled...

and something perennially parisian...

and one of the peculiarities that had us stretching and stooping and attracting bemused attention from passers-by?

maybe the innovative soaring structures at la défense...

or the unique delights of the metro system?

but then there's my acknowledged weakness for café tables and chairs...
i couldn't decide.
so i didn't: these are a random few, with sincere apologies for the length of the entry.
i suppose i should look into a gallery option...n'est-ce pas?


  1. I especially love the last one! Brilliant!

  2. Welcome back :)
    You were really lucky with the weather there!

  3. I love clouds and reflections. The chairs and table give me this d� vue feeling, but the last picture you posted with tables and chairs was completely different. Ah, Paris. I'm glad you managed to come up with some alternative images.

  4. Well, Paris merits a long entry. Glad to see you had a good time and came back with some great pictures. I'm intrigued by the rats, were they over a restaurant entrance?

  5. your good time's our gain. 8-)
    the rats are fascinating, snuffing the air. makes me wonder just who put them up there. trust you to notice them.
    (gallery option be blowed!)

  6. What a wonderful impression of Paris. You've caught Paris in a nutshell.
    I envy you.. I want to go there too ;-)

  7. welcome back. :-) love the colors of the last pic.

  8. Yes, I agree ... gallery option be blowed ... I want YOU to string me along as you weave images and words ... this is one of the pleasures of 2m ... it is your agenda ... we go where you lead.

  9. The only apology necessary is for not having more-more-more!!!
    So glad you went to Paris... although I've been there before, to see it through YOUR eyes makes it so much more magical.
    Thanks for the trip.

  10. long entries are fabulous! i love your view of paris, it's more colorful than most (it always seems to be photographed in b&w:).

  11. Now I like to see the other pictures from your trip. How do they call it : a treasure of..

  12. My god, was the weather that glorious the entire weekend?! How lucky! Great photos, Lynn. If you ever do a book (or calendar! or notecards!) of your photos of cafe tables and chairs, I'll be the first in line to buy a copy. :)

  13. nice eye on these shots.. particularly washers , defence building, and chairs.. they have repition to them that makes them look good. bonne travaille!

  14. I love the last one and the second one....
    very rich in colour

  15. I want to read Middlesex. But before that, I have to finish a bunch of other authors. A patience issue for such an eager reader.