Saturday, October 30, 2004

finding nemo

this golden view greeted me at half past eight this morning when i arrived at work. if i'm lucky, i'll be treated to a similar glory tomorrow, but then at half past seven, since the clocks FALL backward* during tonight.
if tomorrow morning does dawn dramatic, i will see it from the early boat to harwich, as we're off to london for a couple of days.
this sunrise is for the meantime: i won't be home till thursday.
please have a happy hallowe'en, and an excellent week:
i will, too.

*daylight savings always used to confuse me, until i nestled the "FALL backward, SPRING forward" into my illogical mind.


  1. stunning1 was in Amsterdam last week but couldn't find a view like this

  2. Nice nature meets urban landscape shot. :) Love the reflections in the water. Great contrast to the warm glow above.