Thursday, October 28, 2004

as dance it can

she is not captive; nor is she crippled.
this lonely pirouette is a feat of determination and nimbleness - she insists - and this gossamer a sanctuary that suspends her, in a gentle spin, somewhere between flourishing and falling.
she will surrender, because she has been surrendered, but she will take her stubborn time in tumbling, and spite her brittle fate.


  1. With the shadow, I can almost see a dancer on stage, caught in a spotlight.
    Nice capture!

  2. The shadow is very threatening, isn't it?
    I respond strongly to "spite her brittle fate" ...

  3. What a beautiful bit of drama you captured!! You gave life to something not many would have noticed.

  4. it's fabulous!! love it a lot!

  5. wow. what a powerful post. can I say "wow" again? (have a great week).