Monday, October 11, 2004

half a step away

it's not that i'm not adventurous, mind, but vacations like my husband's - backpacking alone through china for six long weeks last may, for example - are not my idea of rest and relaxation.
i see myself, i guess, as a bits-and-pieces traveler.
there was that wedding in madrid in june, and antwerp (these golden gables!)
was a september delight. in a dozen days - i'm counting them impatiently - rachel and i will hop onto the thalys for an autumn weekend in paris; november will see me in wimbledon, and london, for a few days visiting my wonderful friends ceri and richard.
"i suppose i'm more of a city-hopper", i mused at the dinner table tonight.
my daughter nearly choked on her garlicky potato.
"yeah. well. okay. maybe not yet", i admitted.
"but i'm getting there."


  1. Ah, Antwerp. Lovely clouds. Great composition.
    Good contrast.
    Paris: mmm. Would love it.
    Take some nice Paris shots for me, as only you can.
    Love Rodin's museum myself.
    And P� Lachaise, of course.
    Wish I could go with you ;-)

  2. love the gables and the light. And I admit it, I envy you for all the city-hops you have ahead of you. Wish I could see Paris in autumn light too! Have a great trip together with Rachel!

  3. we're all looking forward to your bit of city-hopping over to London. Lots of creative photo-opportunities await!

  4. I'm with you - I prefer the bits and pieces traveling. I'd rather see choice bits of places and then choose to go back again and again.
    And I love this picture - it reminds me of all my favorites from my Amsterdam photos collection.

  5. I've never been to Antwerp, but this photo makes me long to go. I would love to go back to London soon...ahhh.... thanks for the memories! :)

  6. i'm looking forward to your city-hopping to san diego. :-)

  7. Antwerp must be one of the most photogenic cities I know. I'm there every year and always get home with hundreds of pictures. I like the gold-on-grey in this one.