Tuesday, April 4, 2006

colour me pleased

the camera - a gift from the exceptional dave and his lovely wife sue - is as old as i am, and we bonded - contemporaries, after all, it and i - at first sight.
but, although all i had to do was point, and shoot, and puzzle through the parallax, and disregard the stares of passers-by, i was unsure what - apart from huge negatives - to expect.
this, and a few more i like just as well, is what i got.


  1. Aww, from the front it looks like it has a little face. Cute!
    And a very nice photo, too.

  2. Excellent, Lynn! Woderful repition of shapes and textures. A unique-loooking building.

  3. how cool! i'm catching the vintage camera bug myself. be careful, i hear it's incurable;)
    can't wait to see more from this one!

  4. Great gift indeed. Love these windows with the shutters.
    Superb composition.

  5. For me, northe-american, it's the exotic. You never see that!
    And that's part of the fun...

  6. Love the shot Lynn, not sure what camera it was but i find a sort of old quality on this shot that makes it really pleasing and wonderful.

  7. Lovely reading your stories, Lynn, as usual. There will be negatives, it's true, but they are part of this relationship, and it up to both of you to transform them in memorable positives.