Thursday, April 13, 2006

mary, mary

funny: as contrary as i am - and i AM - i am also intrinsically obedient, in the civil
sense, at least.
i don't walk on the grass.
i don't cycle on the sidewalk.
i don't feed the llamas musty bread.
i do, however, always "engage the driver of the bus in unnecessary conversation".
and the driver?
he - or she - doesn't seem to mind at all.


  1. You sound like my kinda gal! :)

  2. Love the third shot. Great DOF. You are a lovely person!

  3. Do NOT cycle in bicycle land ? :-)

  4. No entiendo los anuncios! ...
    But I believe you :)

  5. We do love to post a few rules, don't we. I love the verboden photo, colors, perspective, and all. That driver is a lucky man.

  6. I'd love to use 'au contraire' somewhere in this comment, but I can't see how, so I don't. And so I did. Er...

  7. I too do what I'm told! :)

  8. Do you know the alternative text for "Waar de Blanke Top der Duinen"?
    The sign "Verboden Toegang" is mentioned there.

  9. i lurve the 2nd shot. Your shots are just so yummy.
    when i grow up as a photographer, i want to be just like Lynn.

  10. I like to compare the way different societies forbid things. The directness of prohibitions signals in Germany, the formal politeness in England, the borderline rudeness in Italy, the conciseness in US... Show me how you prohibit things, and I will tell you who you are...