Sunday, April 9, 2006

early, with the sun

"start every day off with a smile and get it over with."
- w.c.fields (american comic and actor, 1880-1946)

there is simply no time, mornings early, to sit at windows and sip; in the minimal minutes between bus and train, i am into the station café and out again - before you
can say "één-koffie-verkeerd-meenemen-alsjeblieft".
my daily detour, it must be said, has more to do with the sweet boy frothing the capuccinos than it does with the cafeine itself: he cheerfully chats half working
alkmaar into positivity.
he always gets out of bed on the right side.
unlike me.


  1. Love the coffee story, great!
    I've stopped drinking coffee before I get in to the office. I take a 50cl bottle of water on the train. Yep: healthy me.
    I'm driving down to Den Bosch on Friday for the European badminton championships. Will be staying overnight. I'll wave to you from far the other side of A'dam.

  2. The discovery of the KUS (kiss) gave me a big smile.
    The person's profile and the morning light on the floor create a nice atmosphere.

  3. "start every day off with a smile and get it over with.�
    could not agree more

  4. The yellows, golds, ambers, and even greens exude that early morning mood you seek. Perhaps just looking at this photo can bring you some comfort! Great shot.

  5. Ha, I saw the kus as well. And one back from me!

  6. i totally know what you mean! I feel so lucky now that I have an apartment with a nice nook in the kitchen where I can sip coffee and look outside!

  7. I -love- that quote. Gonna print it out for Marcel...

  8. Do you think my sweet wife is trying to make a point?
    Anyway, I used to have that experience in Den Haag CS. I would just walk up and without having to say anything they'd place a douple espresso on the counter, sometimes accompanied by a big smile, sometimes by a friendly word, always enough to give me a skip in my step.

  9. Again a nice photo and a nice thought, Lynn! So, a coffee is like a kiss in the morning!?
    (Is this morning light in your photo?)

  10. Hey, great, I did not notice the kiss, I admit. Must look more carefully next time.

  11. I am drawn to this picture there is something compelling it.