Saturday, April 29, 2006

the great escape

it's not actually the queen's birthday today - it's not even the old queen's birthday today, for that matter - but everybody, and everything, is celebrating early, and anyway: frivolous, and festive, and overwhelmingly orange.
not me.
i'm far, far from the crush, and happy to be there.
happy koninginnedag, all.


  1. What a lovely capture. The flowers themselves are stunning, but their arrangement, the orange bike, the bricks and the perspective are all wonderful!
    Happy koninginnedag to you! I love hearing about the celebrations in other countries.

  2. Haha, you've found an orange bike again. Or is that not much of a challenge over there? Great shot, good composition!

  3. Hey Lynn! Don't know if you remember me, but I'm Christine from pleasantly tilted.. as you may have known, I took a bit of an unannounced breather from my photoblog, but I'm back and revamped... just fyi :)
    So charming to see an orange bike with a basket of flowers. queen's birthday or not, that's a lovely shot.

  4. I thought at first you were referring to your/our British/Canadian queen's birthday, also this month. I can picture (whimsically) YOUR queen on an orange bicycle, Elizabeth II with her white gloves - NOT!!

  5. I still want to experience this festival. Hopefully next year ...

  6. great pic! i would love to have a bike like this to ride around my neighborhood.

  7. Lovely shot ! It's a color festival and the composition only emphasizes good vibes and feelings IMHO ! :) Btw... if I may ask... what's that ... koninginnedag �?