Saturday, April 12, 2003

crouching, hidden..

i was born in the year of the tiger:
("brave and courageous, the tiger is ready for any challenge. nothing can tame their adventurous & rebellious spirit. a supreme optimist, they pursue their goals with fierce intensity. tigers are admired for their vibrant and playful personality.")
when i reached the last milestone birthday, i felt the need to do something that i had always wanted to do but had never dared, so i had this - my - chinese sign tattooed above my heart.
("the tiger is one of the most revered chinese birth signs. associated with power, courage and pure will, tigers are rebels with a cause. they are colourful and unpredictable, with boundless energy and a love of life which stimulates them and affects all those they come into contact with.")
it is invisible to most human eyes, happily, because my skin* is mature and reclusive and because it was, from the first, a private challenge.
("most of all tigers are romantic, passionate and playful, who love life and want to live it the fullest.")
it was a modest and personal statement: no regrets. regrets, at my age, at any age, are a total waste of time.
*photo friday

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