Sunday, April 13, 2003

une petite réunion

high season in holland has begun. the bulbs are blooming, and in amsterdam the streets are full of visitors draped in roughguides and camera’s, “oooh”-ing and “aaaah”-ing in the universal language of the impressed and the enchanted.
my friend isabel, here in the netherlands to give a couple of university lectures, allowed me to lead her around all my favourite locations, and “ooh”-ed and “aaah”-ed with the rest.
over coffee in the beiaard, over dry white wine in café de jaren, over a super meal in vooges, we told each other stories of the last twelve years that had not made their way into letters and e-mails. and between the pauses for nourishment, we rode the opstapper along the prinsengracht and walked, and walked, and walked, absorbing the beauty of an amazing city on a spring afternoon.

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  1. 'you don't know me' but i just wanted to tell you how wonderful your site and photo's are.
    Sounds like a wonderful reunion you had, so much to tell after twelve years.