Friday, April 25, 2003

one single step

perhaps someone suddenly realized that their specially-purchased-by-post-order-acupressure-insoles weren't doing what they had promised, and decided to ditch them then and there...but why, then, just one? perhaps someone mistakenly assumed that this extra support would stick around, even in sandals...but wouldn't they have noticed its escape? perhaps someone dropped their saturday shopping bag, and completely overlooked this one item during the rescue operation. whatever the case, this single footprint on the quay in hoorn was the first step* in a stroll of whimsical conjecture.
*theme thursday


  1. Good picture. The story of the insole is a mysterious one, indeed.

  2. I'm going with the amputee theory.
    His one remaining leg now carried all his weight and it hurt. Especially late in the day when he could barely find the energy to stand. During his last physical therapy session, the doctor suggested insoles. He hobbled to the nearest drugstore but his heart broke when he discovered they only sold them in pairs. It seemed everything in this cruel world now mocked his loss. He begrudgingly bought the insoles anyway but tossed the extra one into the wind. Now there it lay on the pavement, a silent reminder of his not so phantom pain.