Thursday, April 17, 2003

green green grass of home

for ten years, until she died at christmas, our rabbit roamed our tiny garden during the hours that we were there to see that she came to no harm. never one to limit herself to the grass handkerchief we call a lawn, she would hop happily around the shrubbery and help herself to anything with vertical ambitions. delphiniums - my Great Gardening Dream - never reached half a meter: chomp! she regarded our pot of herbs as a personal feast, and jumped, making herself supremely comfortable among the rosemary and the bay: chomp! and each and every bulb that reached for the sky was nipped in the proverbial bud: chomp!
(rabbits have very efficient teeth.)
my flowers were more horizontal and lifeless than they were flourishing, but she was a very happy bunny. fine by me.
but now she's gone, alas. everything blooms brilliantly. but in the patch above the spot that we laid her to rest - unlikely but true - the hyancinths have chosen to recline.
in fond memory?
i hope so.