Saturday, April 12, 2003


she tells her tale. it is a bitter tale of unbearable sweetness. it seems, at first, another in the parade of irresistible and lovingly collected anecdotes that comprise the life she shares with others. she steers through the story, choosing her words with care, and punctuating her story with exclamation points of gentle and righteous indignation.
she tells her tale, glossing over the pain that few would understand anyway, and defending, unbending, the erring.
she tells her tale like sails unfurling in the faltering light, so that no one will sense the floundering, so that no one will realize how close to capsizing she sometimes comes.


  1. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for visiting my site. Love your photos, especially the boat pic. Very nice compostion, color, reflections, and tone. Very quiet and serene. I love shots like this. I look for them in my own work.
    I'll come back visit soon.

  2. BTW, like also your prose, but think it would read better in poem format. Still love it though.