Thursday, October 16, 2003

bits and pieces

she faces the grand transparency, and watches the wisps of blue and black and fading gold disperse and dissolve.
caught in the curves and imperfections of the glass, her likeness eludes her, and she asks herself which is more fragmented: herself or her uncertain reflection.
*theme thursday: windows


  1. Love the rigid geometric pattern broken by irregular patches of color.

  2. Fabulous shot - blending pattern and texture. Its noteworthy, being Amsterdam, that there are curtains up. Nice capture.

  3. Oh, torture me with the Amsterdam pics, why don't ya?? ;)
    A little over 2 months, and over coffee, perhaps you can show me some of your favorite picture-taking places!! ;)

  4. Lynn... where are you? ... you must be an elf ... no reflection

  5. i'm there, really and truly...but this was a BIG window! :-)
    to the right of the red: black coat and light blue scarf, trying to be inconspicuous. i'm getting good at it.