Monday, October 27, 2003

breezes and bristles

she sweeps and sweeps, the broom reluctant, the leaves uncooperative. she will have little peace until the faded and the fleeting have flown: her memories of their former glory are hindrance enough.
dry, they drift and dive. wet, they slap her feet like reprimands. futility shifts about her ankles. every brittle scrap of colour is a recollection of the green that was and the times that were.
the wind, as relentless as affection, suddenly swoops.
and she is back where she started.


  1. Rakers vs. the Leaves was in full scale play here this weekend. I counted 22 large bags of leaves at my in-laws house this morning. They are retired, empty nesters though. I let the leaves lie in my front yard, on the basis that throwing them is more fun for the kids than raking them. I hope that this post wasn't autobiographical...

  2. You're really making me miss Fall here. It's almost painful.

  3. the red ones are my favorite:) i love how this one is backlit.

  4. One day during this long hot summer, I was certain there wouldn't be a cold winter anymore. I was wrong ... dead wrong.
    Everything goes back to where it started ... every year

  5. Mmmm I love these colors. I've got to get out and capture autumn this way. Thanks for the inspiration.