Wednesday, October 8, 2003

of few words

november is nearing, and with it nanowrimo, the ultimate-internet-creative-writing-challenge for thousands of literary souls.
people like renee and bran are going to excel, i am sure, because they are clever and prolific, and my daughter: well, my daughter can do simply ANYTHING she puts her mind to.
"and what about YOU, mum?" she demanded.
what about me, indeed?
i think i shall pass.
i spend every waking moment thinking my little stories through, and paring, chiselling, shaving them down. i can't even contemplate the enormity of 50000 words. of every 100 i write, about 20 survive... or, my record, in a period of great distress: 4.
i have, as i once lamented: no stories, merely words, and too few.
at least for now.


  1. hmm... I like to be challenged like this. I`m thinking about it...just for fun to see what comes out of the pipeline at the end.

  2. you're right, jimmy, of course: challenges are made to be met..:-) in my case, though, i'd probably have to give up a) my job b) my family and/or c)this site in order to even get half that many words TYPED in november. i'm THAT slow. really.

  3. But what if, with your twenty words, you say as much as someone else does with their 50,000?
    You simply march by the beat of a different drum ...

  4. I think Julie said something quite true! You do say more in 20 than most will say in 50000!
    And oy! Way to put the pressure on! ;) Anytime I feel like stopping or forgetting the whole thing, I'll remember that someone said I can excel. Encouragement doesn't get much better than that!

  5. I don't particularly enjoy writing, but a NaNoPhoMo (maybe not 50,000 photos.. but more than 50) may be more my speed. (No traffic pun intended. ; )

  6. Lynn, thanks for posting this link. While like you, I don't I could find the time to complete such a project in thirty days, I think this type of challenge is great for inspiration. I find myself now using such projects (like Connect8) to keep me working creatively, and thus not holding myself back because I can't always meet the standards I have set for myself. Who knows, maybe I'll give the novel a try, and even though I might only get 5,000 words written, it will be a good first try at a novel.

  7. Doesn't anybody see the photograph? It's, once again, fabulous. I love them all.