Friday, October 24, 2003

the simple things in life

my taste in clothing is unassuming and uncomplicated - black, jeans, black, and oh dear! what shall i wear today? black? - but i make up for that in the adornment i choose.
i love silver. i love semi-precious stones in the colours that nature has seen fit to bestow. i love glittery bits, dangly bits, bits with character. i don't like ostentatiousness, but i do like to shine. in a positive mood, i regard it as lily-gilding; in difficult times, the words "silk purse" come to mind.
eenvoud ("simplicity") is a silversmith's atelier on the prinsengracht in amsterdam. the tiny corner shop/workshop inspires my magpie tendencies: half a dozen glass cases overflowing with beautiful jewellery, hand-crafted and hand-chosen. i cannot pass by without dropping in; i cannot drop in without succumbing.
(and equally irresistible are these little works of art, which i stumbled upon last week on internet: amazing.)
i am too easily seduced, i know, but my fingers and my earlobes have never complained of neglect.


  1. LOL - I remember a few years ago some people asking me if I was ill when I came to them not wearing black. Now I even have a red (yes!) jacket

  2. Black is beautiful, that's what I always say.

  3. oh yes, a woman after my own heart :) i love black, and anything that sparkles and glitters and shines... beautiful photos!

  4. Oooh pretty !!!
    I'm a fan of black myself ;)

  5. The best looking hand-crafted jewelry is by Louise van der Heijden of Manouk Bijoux,
    A.J. Ernststraat 733 in Amsterdam.
    Also Gerda Lyngg�, Gerda and Nicolai Monies of Denmark.