Wednesday, January 28, 2004

real good for free

anyone who has ever visited amsterdam will know the passage under the rijksmuseum.
this magic space, beautifully arched, edged in stained glass and wrought iron, protects cyclists and pedestrians briefly from the elements as they span the stretch between the museum square and the stadhouderskade. if they're lucky - these travellers - their brief journey will be accompanied by serenades: violins, flutes, perhaps even gypsy laments.

the powers that be - with a little help from the Great Paranoids of the world, who (i read not long ago in a morning newspaper) consider this location to be an invitation to a terrorist attack (what ISN'T?) - wish to close the lovely corridor.
this - however they reason - mustn't happen.
you can all protest.
there is no rule that stipulates dutch citizenship or proficiency in the language of the lowlands. you are all future visitors. you all appreciate beauty. you all know the difference between right and wrong.
it's reasonably straightforward: name. e-mail address. opinion.
if you have problems, let me know. i can create a cut-and-paste text.
every little bit helps.
thank you.


  1. There's nothing so nice as cycling through that corridor

  2. Absolutely love that first photo, Lynn. Absolutely gorgeous arches.

  3. I didn't recognise them at first. And you're quite right, if they want to close everything that is inviting to terrorists they'd better start with Schiphol... Anyway, maybe the lovely passage and the music might even mellow a terrorist's mind. It certainly mellows mine.

  4. the first one! gogeous. i'd love to visit there someday!

  5. OH!! We walked through that passage, very slowly, a couple times a day. No better way to explain it then as you said, "A magic space."
    I was very specifically looking forward to walking through there again next week. I will, indeed protest!! And I hope it's still open upon my arrival!!

  6. Protest generated.
    I have only been to the museum once. But appreciate all places of beauty like this one. I don't agree with premptive strikes of any persuasion.

  7. Considered that email sent. Who has a beef with Holland? That is crazy. Arrrrgh

  8. I'm with everyone else - message sent. I still haven't been to Holland yet! Argh.

  9. done. i love the armchair activism of the internet, it's surprisingly effective at times. and i promptly received an email from the museum. i have no idea what it says, but it appears rather enthusiastic:)
    let us not concede victory to the terrorists by denying ourselves such freedoms.

  10. Message sent! Unfortunately the Rijksmuseum was closed for renovation when I visited Amsterdam, but I still spent plenty of time walking around there, and must've walked through those gates every day I was in the city. What a shame to hear about this!

  11. Amazing photographs. Is this your regular profession? And you write so well. I am quite blown by the total effect.

  12. Any 'nieuws' on this one Lynn?