Saturday, April 17, 2004

every little thing

the only shadows that crossed our paths yesterday were those of birds reeling in the spring sunshine and trains unable to run on time.
for the rest, rachel and i had a day filled with fineness:
the last vacant table on the steps of the beurscaf√©; the carnival taking shape on dam square; an exhibition of breitner's paintings - the capital at the turn of last century, all gables and windblown frocks and horse-drawn trams - in the amsterdam historical museum; flowers and fabrics and rubber duckies at the albert cuyp market; a glass of wine on a corner absolutely made for people-watching;
a delicious meal in the calm of a vegetarian restaurant; but above all, above all:
good company and good conversation, and feeling content to be no-one but oneself.
spring may actually be here, in more ways than one.


  1. A day to remember......happiness is hidden in small things and events.

  2. every little thing lynn does is magic...
    sometimes i feel you're in the need of tasting simple beauty like the colours and lines in this perfect composition
    feel content you had this 'beautiful day'...

  3. ~great display of color and those lines really grab ya and pull the viewer in & about the frame~

  4. I'm getting used to the idea of having rain in Amsterdam, but for some reason there's always a lot of sun if you look around :-)

  5. "feeling content to be no-one but oneself." thank for this line! it's a great feeling to be happy with who we are.

  6. Is it superman? is a plane? no it's a bird!