Wednesday, April 14, 2004

with her best dress on

she glances sideways, and upward, through luminous lashes.
there, somewhere between what she sees and what she knows, is the truth:
in the cool non-committal curve of his cheek, in the stubborn set of his chin, in his apologetic eyes locked onto a landscape she will never wander.


  1. ~your commentary makes this shot, xlnt stuff~

  2. A gorgeous, rich image. I really like interplay between window dummies and the reflections.

  3. Window dummies as they were in the good-ole-days ... whereas now they are all angles and poses ... love the reflections upon reflections ...

  4. the reflections seem to enforce the dreamyness of this dummies' world
    sailed to england
    during the long hours on the water i read 'the alchemist' again
    the whole atmosphere of this literature could be yours
    (if there wasn't that 'something else' why run around on this planet...)

  5. Oh my - they look so sad, so dead. Why do a lot of people look like them?