Wednesday, April 21, 2004

pretty in pink

this is the picture i had planned for today, because an old friend - er, acquaintance - is celebrating his birthday, but i don't really have anything to say - except "congratulations", of course - that i didn't say last year.
instead, then, the lush day that yesterday was:

a visiting razzi, an unexpectedly benevolent weathergod, a glorious amsterdam spread at our feet. there's nothing like the warm sun to put smiles on people's faces, and there's nothing like the company of a charming belgian to put a smile on mine.
i photographed this same branch when rachel and i were savouring last friday: even four short days can make an impressive difference when nature gathers momentum.
spring has definitely, and thankfully, sprung.


  1. ... and then if we didn't had a winter, spring would't be so pleasant.

  2. is it true that the most pretty things don't last ? i admire this japanese cherrys but it makes me sad that maybe, in a couple of days, they dissapear...
    you captured them in a beautiful way
    have a good weekend lynn