Friday, April 30, 2004

tiny trumpets

today is "koninginnedag" (queen's day) in the netherlands: flags flap enthusiastically everywhere, and city centres have been transformed into the biggest street-party-garage-sale-combinations imaginable.
i am at home, happy for the sun shining on the celebrations, but distracted.
my thoughts are on queens of a different kind, and on other birthdays etched deep and empty in a recent past.
i'll be fine tomorrow.


  1. hope you are fine today lynn
    and clouds have drifted away...
    i wonder how you northerns can be so masscrazy about this special occasions...
    (couldn't imagine this in our country)
    have a great weekend friend!

  2. I, too, wonder what it is with the Dutch that they hold the monarchy in such high esteem. They seem to "belong"; almost like a family member. I wonder if this will continue when there is a King and the double-meaning of the day is no longer so obvious.

  3. I too hope you are ok, Lynn.
    Came back to your site thanks to Razzi's cryptic message today. Hey, if I were Dutch I wouldn't mind celebrating. I like a party.