Tuesday, November 4, 2003

clouds between their knees

it is may.
they are friends.
they dance, for the first, for the last time.
the day has been conspiratorial, and they sway and shuffle on a single square meter, sequestered in the evening light.
the day's feathers and finery allow them an almost anonymous intimacy; indulgent affection lifts them above his youthful awkwardness and beyond her impossible expectations.
their distance, their silence, is warm, companiable, compatible:
three minutes and forty-one seconds long.


  1. Lynn, I just love your attention to details. Something that might be discarded by most is caught in such a beautiful way by you. Nice job :)

  2. Your attraction to rust is enchanting.

  3. yes lynn, you really do know how to pay attention:) the art of observation is evident in all your posts. it keeps me coming back!

  4. As time passes the material world will decade, but the mind off Lynn youngers...

  5. that's a beautiful picture you've described...

  6. Stunning, both the text and the photo.