Wednesday, November 26, 2003


i have always been very much a "carpe diem" and "do unto others" person: two shiningly golden rules, to my way of thinking; but when i glance to the right of my monitor at work, i see, among my loved ones, two of the three other life-mottos that inspire, and reinforce me.
the first speaks for itself: "practise random kindness and senseless acts of beauty": one compelling sentence with the exquisite exuberance of what life should, and can, be.
the second - on the button - is loesje's "geniet nooit met mate" which translates, loosely, into: "never enjoy in moderation". these four words, in postcard form, identified my locker in the department store where i worked until a couple of years ago, and they've accompanied me onward. in the last few months, with things threatening to push me off track, they have reminded me to keep myself open to the pleasures there are despite.
the third? the third is scrolled in neon across the roof of a tall building in alkmaar. i haven't figured out exactly how to interpret it best, but when i do, i will take my tripod and my camera into the darkness and share it with you.


  1. it's comforting to hear words familiar to your own thoughts.

  2. Words keep you alert at times you need them. 'geniet nooit met mate' is a very wise one. Enjoy your life, you have only one

  3. Do you mean "Van teveel spektakel, wankelt U allicht" ? Also a good one, though I like the Loesje one best.
    And a great picture to go with it...:)

  4. I've always loved that "practice random kindness..." phrase. I'm going to write down your other one, though - "Never enjoy in moderation!!"
    And of course... I can't wait to see the magic neon scroll...

  5. "Never enjoy in moderation" does imply the corollary though ... how does one cope with despair? What level of moderation reigns here?

  6. julie: you're right, but i think the lack of clarity lies in my translation. the whole "met mate" thing is geared to "vice": drink "met mate", smoke "met mate", eat junkfood "met mate"...
    it's a play on those particular words of warning..:-)
    and that's why it appeals to me. it gives the negatives a positive twist...

  7. Ah ... a form of permission, if you will ... I can live with that ...
    I am quite wary of a life-view oscilloscope that is only visible when above the line ...