Saturday, November 1, 2003

open sesame

it's a saturday night, cold, balanced between - for me - two workdays, and i have (along with wishes for a superior weekend) just these few visual links to share:
*tracey has her new "26 things#2" list up. i can't wait. the themes are supple and irresistible and inspiring. old takes are allowed, i see, which is fine in a pinch, but i think i'll try and start afresh. i have this IDEA, you see....
*gimmy celebrates her first anniversary of words-and-images-shared with a different kind of challenge: compose a poem or a short story to accompany one of her amazing photographs. there is a prize. i, to be honest, can only hope to do her perceptions justice.
*emese's photos of the aftermath of the california fires are absolutely gripping, and melancholy.
*and my three favourite "neighbours to the south": what can i say? they are so GOOD. they produce honest beauty. they make me smile.

do visit. don't miss.


  1. Beauty is in the eyes of anothers dreams
    Do you want to see
    the explosions in my eye
    Do you want to see the
    reflection of how it used to be
    Sonic Youth - Beauty Lies in the Eye
    Thanks Lynn - you are my lovely Northern neighbour ;-)

  2. You are the nicest blogger out there.