Wednesday, November 19, 2003

hoping for a breeze

it was a day of visible shins in amsterdam: more tartan than orange, and kilts as far as the eye could see.
now, who do you suppose is playing soccer against holland tomorrow?

*wish renée a safe trip: she's off to prague tomorrow..

*and over at lalaland: public numbers, and another view of an old clock... i am very pleased.


  1. I've had some crazy fleeting ideas about taking a train to Amsterdam for a day... we'll see just how impulsive I get! ;)

  2. And hmm... who to root for in the soccer games? I've got quite a bit of Scottish blood in my family! ;)

  3. Well captured! And humorous title. I love the cool unlaced trainers with the kilt, dispelling any ideas that kilts are just for "dressing up". It must be really colourful in Amsterdam today. May the best team win!

  4. Sexy legs. I still want to find out for myself and using a very hands on technique what exactly one, such as the gentleman in this photo, wears under that there kilt.

  5. great verbiage and a funky ~image!~
    I have friends staying with me both live in London, one is Finnish the other an ex-Pat...I look forward to 3 weeks in the spring in Europe...the camera(s) cannot wait to go either

  6. I gather Wayne's glee was prompted by the eventual scoreline of 6 - 0 ... an amazing turnaround for a national team that seems to be held in high disregard.