Saturday, November 8, 2003

ticket to ride

when you live in one city (like me: alkmaar) and work in another (like me: amsterdam), you spend a sizeable chunk of each day commuting.
and if you're a virgo (again: like me), you spend a good fraction of this travelling time simply waiting*.
i am typical of my star sign: i am punctual to a fault, and i would rather be twenty-nine minutes early than one minute late. i NEVER miss a bus; i NEVER miss a train, because i ALWAYS leave the house earlier than necessary.
i did the same on my very first day at this job. ahem. pardon me? i went a step further: i allowed myself a whole hour's leeway. and then my train ground to a miserable screeching halt in a meadow between alkmaar and heiloo and stood there for an hour and a half.
luckily for me, when i finally tumbled into the office, my new colleagues took one look at my flushed and dismayed face, and realised instinctively that it would probably never happen again.
it hasn't.

rannie turingan's photozine is inspirational: each week a splendid photo and a collection of sources i always wish i'd discovered sooner.

*theme thursday


  1. Hmmm - I'm a libra - I never check my horoscope, but probably that's something libras never do.

  2. You look taller than I imagined.

  3. I also think that visiting other blogs is inspirational. Just like this picture :-)

  4. hey, being a fellow Virgo I totally understand about commuting to work, I commute into london and the regular delays drive me crazy, by the way greetings to holland, I visit the country often :)