Wednesday, November 12, 2003

feet on ground, heart in hand

she has no idea when it is, but it must be morning: the wall behind her glows with promise.
she has no idea where she is, but she can see, over her shoulder, her yesterdays and her tomorrows soothingly reflected in the curves of hours.
she has no idea who she is – but she knows , blessed as she is with curiosity and compassion and a capacity for delight, that she has a right to be – wherever and whenever - whoever she happens to be.


  1. nu gaan we lekker borreluh

  2. i love this post lynn!
    i'm looking for an old analog clock that i can take apart and make turn backwards:)

  3. When, where, who? She's that person that single person - and she should be proud of it.
    Time just ticks