Friday, September 19, 2003

condemned. twice.

the douaneloodsen (customs-sheds) along the westerdoksdijk form an enclave of colour and creativity.
they are also just five minutes walk from my office, and, because a potential masterpiece awaits discovery in each and every square centimeter, my selective lunchtime saunters have produced photos like this and this and two of my twenty-six things. (i even replaced a previous image today - couldn't resist - but that's a few days back..)

yesterday, wandering, i was informed by an itinerant cameraman that the complex's days are regrettably numbered. the city of amsterdam has issued eviction notices. the artists must vacate in october and this glorious building will be razed to make way for luxury homes.
i was astounded.
if there is one thing that amsterdam does not need at present, it is expensive housing. what amsterdam needs is - and we won't mention crime-free streets and a clean environment here - is affordable accommodation for students. what it also needs is havens like this:

where inspired souls can share sparks and provide the world around with a wild and bright and eccentric vision of urban life, where the edge is enough foundation for fulfillment...

and where they invite you to share home-made french-fries on a friday night.


  1. For a moment, I thought the dog in the last picture was real; nice capture!

  2. What a beautiful building. So sad.

  3. I just love artistic graffiti- it's so interesting to look at it all. And the colors just pop.

  4. Progress isn't always a good thing. Take as many pictures as you can.

  5. We have this problem here in Sydney, Lynn. Where old is destroyed ... where "difference" does not suit ... sometimes we keep the structure (such as with the Finger Wharf at Woolloomooloo) but yuppify the interior. But I mourn the loss of decrepit buildings and for a society that is unable to encompass difference.

  6. Sounds like Ottawa as well.. except without the creative people to evict.
    Everything is starting to feel a little too cookie cutter.
    (Also, I love the dog photo)