Friday, September 5, 2003

everything has a price

amsterdam's zeedijk is slowly but surely clambering above a decade's seedy infamy. there are still sections where a steady tread and a self-assured attitude is advisable, but its stretch is nonetheless studded with little - and not so little - treasures: the casablanca vaudeville theatre, for instance, and the fo guang shan buddhist temple.
a true jewel, though, is "latei": a tiny coffee bar just off the nieuwmarkt, a bright haven piled to the eaves with fifties nostalgia. everything - EVERYTHING - on the premises can be bought, the espresso and the chocolate cake are to die for, and the colours and the textures and the friendly welcome are food for the weary soul.
*an aside: via lala*land's most recent urban texture, this: one of the most beautiful photo sites i've seen in a while. take a look...


  1. Now that would be cool, hanging a bunch of lamps in a room. The electricity bill would be kind of high, but still.

  2. I took the link to the "Daily Dose of Imagery" site by the Iranian chap in Toronto. Very different eye from yourself, Lynn. But equally beautiful. The shot on Sept 4 of the lovers in Paris by night uses the light absolutely magnificently.

  3. I don't think there are any cafes in ottawa that even come close to this one... nope.

  4. Love this one even better. The color is so powerful. Seems like you must of just walked into the shot and saw it for what it is.