Tuesday, September 16, 2003

cross my heart

this wonderful tale - at this equally wonderful site - describes one of the most common misconceptions suffered by a "select" (ahem) section of the male population.
it is a smiling story, as always: engagingly written, and lamentably true-to-life.
i forwarded the link to my son, one floor up: forewarned is forearmed, as i saw it; and - just so he'd realise - insight and sensitivity will always win hands-down from bravado. he told me knew this LONG ago. thank heavens.
and also, via marie: a photographic interview that may just keep me occupied one day soon..


  1. So did you have to include a European bra size conversion chart?
    Photo interviews sound cool.

  2. looking forward to your photos (re: interview) if you still plan to do them. otherwise the ones that you have here are worth a regular visit.